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Judit Berg 


As far as I can remember, I have always created stories, dreamt about adventures, wrote and drew books and enjoyed making theatre with other children. As a university student I wrote theatrical plays for my mother’s elementary school drama group. I adapted several novels to stage for children, including T. H. White’s great novel “The Once and Future King”, and P. G. Wodehouse’s funny book “Leave It To Psmith”. Later I wrote my own drama for children about the mythological apple that made the Greek goddesses quarrel, which lead to the breakout of the war of Troy.


Although I studied English and Hungarian Language and Literature and Educational Drama at the ELTE University, I didn’t become a teacher. My first daughter was born during my college years, then I started working as a full-time writer in 2005. I write books for several age groups ranging from toddlers to teens. I still enjoy writing dramas and scripts. I have adapted some of my own books to stage and I also write scripts for animation films. Besides my activity in children’s literature, I write short stories for adults and have long been planning to write a novel and a detective story for adults.


As some of my books have become recommended readings in Hungarian elementary schools, I’m often invited to visit schools, libraries and literary festivals. Since I started writing I have had hundreds of meetings with children, which is an activity a really enjoy. Talking about stories, literature, the birth of books and discussing the questions children raise is a challenging yet most satisfying way of meeting my readers. My goal is to make as many readers as possible through personal meetings and my books.


Lately, I really enjoy the habit of infotainment. I have intended to write books that are not pure fiction but introduce an exciting aspect of life, be it either a historical period, a rare species of animals or a distant part of the world. My cooperation with Unicef Hungary is a good example of intertwining my tales (the Two Tiny Dinos) with educating children and raising funds for charity. 


In my free time I enjoy reading, travelling, doing sports, watching good films and going to concerts or the theatre. I live in Budapest, Hungary with my husband and four wonderful children.

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