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Kiki Investigations

These detective stories for young readers were written in cooperation with my dear college, Erzsi Kertész. A series has two parts, but we are planning to continue the crime cases of Kiki and Gerda.

Both books contain a detective story that is based on a mystical event. The protagonists always get involved in the most amazing stories and have to face many dangers. Surprising events and unexpected twists make Kiki’s investigations a real adventure for young readers.


In Budapest families can go and investigate the mystery of the 7 thermal spas with Kiki and Gerda – a detective game for children on the streets of the 11th district, Budapest, near the famous Gellért Spa.

(Co-author: Erzsi Kertész)

Readers: 8+

The Secret of Four Birds


In this book the kids have to find the secret serum invented by an old ornithologist that is able to make men become birds, while several criminals are searching for the same secret.


The Mystery of the Clock


In Volume 2 the centre of all crimes is a very old watch that is able to stop time. Kiki and Gerda have to untangle the old family legend, stop the unstoppable woman, save their own lives several times and even outsmart a police investigator to make things right again.

The series is to be continued.

224 pp.

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