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The Boatman of the Moon

The Boatman of the Moon


Sándor Weöres, the great Hungarian poet of the 20th century wrote a long drama about The Boatman of the Moon. It is based on Hungarian folk tales and the traditional beliefs of ancient Hungarian tribes. The original text is partly written in verse. On the birth centenary of Sándor Weöres I was asked to rewrite his drama in prose to be easier to read for children. This book contains my tale about the little princess’s love for the cold-hearted boatman who lives on the Moon and seduces the girl who is longing for true love. She is so desperate to gain the love of the distant boatman, that ignores the poor and honest prince who offers her his love on the Earth. The tale is beautiful and exciting, it was a real honour and pleasure to work on it.


Illustrated by Dóra Keresztes.

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