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Penny and Charm - Books

What Weather! 


(Micsoda idő!)


The little grey cloud is weeping so soberly that the whole forest gets flooded. The stubborn fog does not want to leave until it gets tickled by a sunbeam. Penny the musician fairy has so many problems to solve and so many friends to help!

Fairy on a Bicycle 


(Tündér biciklin)


This book is centered around vehicles. Penny learns to ride a bike, the frog doctors need an ambulance car to get everythere in time, and Bono the fairy boy from town has a little aeroplane to fix.




Penny and Charm travel to town to visit their friend Bono. There they meet fairies with different jobs: fire fighters, a teacher, a doctor, a car mechanic and a wicked confectioner who makes beautiful cakes with awful taste. 

Fairy Calendar 




Penny and Charm celebrate Easter, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, Midsummer Night and even the birthday of Ralph the dragon who arrives to the forest with Nelly the clumsy British fairy.

Fairy Music 



Six different musical instruments appear in the tales of this book, in which Penny, Charm, Bono and Nelly have many adventures together. 

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