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Perry Trio


Come to count, think and tell a tale about Perry! This Trio box includes three different games that help to improve mathematical, logical and verbal skills of kindergarten children.


Perry and the lost Teddy Bears

This memory game is a real challange for 3+ kids. Can you help Perry’s lost toys to find the way home?


Perry Tell-a-tale Cards

Tell you favourite tale about Perry with the help of these cards, but you can also play a real card game with them!

Doctor Perry – Slide Film

doktor maszat diafilmkocka.jpeg

Although slide films are already artefacts of the past, still many families enjoy wathing them with a special slide projector. Doctor Perry is a tale about how difficult it is to swallow medicine, but it becomes easier when you want to help a friend.

Perry Goes to Space – Slide Film


What happens when three friends are getting bored on a dark Saturday afternoon? Let’s build a spaceship and fly to the Mars! Join Perry, Chloe and Josh on their space mission in the dark living room!

Perry on the Farm – Slide Film

maszat a tanyan.jpeg

Perry and Chloe go to visit Perry’s relatives on a distant farm. They meet many animals and learn about the life in the countryside.

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