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Teenies - Books

Teenies in Africa


Level 1 contains a very simple story, in which Minka, the youngest of the Teenies plays around with forbidden magic and accidentaly becomes a lion baby on the savannah. Her friends need to go and find her in Africa.

Teenies at the Volcano


The Teenies travel to a real volcano, where they meet a volcanologists and experience the eruption of the volcano.

Teenies at the Coral Reef


While trying to enjoy their vacations, the Teenies examine the ecosystem of a coral reef. While swimming about and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the reef, they meet two underseas archaeologists and help them discover a wrecked ship on the bottom of the sea.

Teenies in the Pyramid


Old books of magic sometimes trick the ones who are too curious. With the unwanted help of such a book the Teenies suddenly end up in ancient Egypt. As the get to know the life and religion of ancient Egyptians, they must enter a pyramid just before the burial of the late pharaoh.

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