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Rumini - Board Games

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Rumini: The Mission (A küldetés)

This strategical board game requires planning, good ideas and a pinch of luck! You can collect gold and hack the compass by magnets in order to reach your destination and complete your mission on the full big map of the Rumini world.

Produced by Keller&Mayer


Rumini - The Torn Map

Help Rumini put together the pieces of the torn map in order to find the magical objects of the story! You need good strategy, memory and smart observations in order to win this quickly going, amusing game.

Produced by Keller&Mayer


Rumini - The Treasure Box

Collect as many treasures in your treasure box as possible, but be smart enough to get something that nobody else possesses!

Produced by Pagony.


Rumini Rummy

It’s time to play Rumini’s favourite card games, including the Pirate Rummy!

Produced by Pagony.


Queen of the Winds Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you put together the Queen of the Winds from 180 pieces?

Produced by Pagony.


Rumini – Logbook

You can meet your favourite characters from the Rumini saga in this party card game. Make sure you don’t have remaining cards in your hand when the game is over!

Produced by Pagony.


Rescue Rumini 

Rumini was hidden somewhere in the bazaar. Can you find out in which shop he is taken captive? Players become Rumini's friends, and the investigation starts. This is a game of logic, tactics and good memory.

Produced by Pagony.

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