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Rumini – The Adventures Begin


The Queen of the Winds, the fastest sailboat of Mouseland is heading for the biggest port of the Eastern Seas. The world’s largest bazaar is located there where everything can be bought including the most peculiar magical objects. However, the stormy wind diverts the ship and carries her to the ill-omened waters of the Sticky Sea. The Queen of the Winds gets almost destroyed in an attack by a giant octopus and is compelled to anchor at an uninhabited island. The sailors soon find out that the island is not uninhabited at all, and there start an unstoppable sequence of breathtaking adventures. The inhabitants of the island must be saved, the impassable Dragon Straits must be crossed, and this is only the beginning of hardships. The Queen of the Winds is lacking drinking water, pirates plunder the seas, the cargo gets confiscated at the destination and Rumini disappears during a quest for hidden treasures. Only bravery, self-sacrifice, the strength of friendship and the help of an old magician is able to put things right in the end, find justice for the struggling and rescue the prisoners from the secret underground dungeons. 

The cover exists in two versions.


Rumini in Hoarfrost Colony


The Queen of the Winds has set sail again, bearing strange cargo and even stranger passengers to the northernmost reaches of Hoarfrost Colony, where hapless ships risk being crushed in the ice of the frozen seas. After a savage attack by a flock of black seagulls, Rumini finds evidence of a devious plot by the ship’s passengers. Alas, he is too late, and the Queen of the Winds is overrun by stowaway soldiers. Rumini and his friends must escape their captors and make themselves masters of sharp-fanged snow weasels and the legendary black seagulls to save Ice City from a deceitful usurper, but they have the help of a crafty hoarfrost gnome boy and the last of the fabled Hoarfrost knights. 

Adventures awaits as Rumini sets sail with the rest of the crew for the enchanting, rugged lands of the north, where he finds new foes and makes new friends.


Rumini and the Four Sceptres


Rumini, the quick-witted seafarer, is traveling westward on the Queen of the Winds, destined for new adventures. The islands of the Gilded Sea are home to four peoples, beavers, snakes, turtles, and the mysterious light creatures. They have always lived side by side in peace, but now, a dastardly imposter king seeks to rule as emperor and transform his erstwhile allies into subjects. 
As Rumini and his friends venture into the unfamiliar stretches of the Gilded Sea, they slowly learn that they have come to a world torn by bitter conflict. They soon realize they have only one chance of ever returning home. They must join the struggle against the cruel conqueror and restore peace to the Beaver Alliance. 

But how can they fight when the imposter king has used forbidden magic to turn their own shipmates against them?  


Rumini – The Secret Diary of Jake Polaris


Dear reader,

Perhaps you remember Jake Polaris, one of the boldest and most cunning members of the crew of the Queen of the Winds, and one of Rumini’s closest friends? The book you hold in your hands is the secret diary he kept during the tumultuous years he spent in exile.

What became of Jake when he was kicked off the ship on Persimmon Shore? How did he wind up, years later, on Ore Island in the frigid north? How many villains did he face? How many new friends did he make? The pages of his diary tell tales of breathtaking adventures, bitter brawls and battles, fortunes made and lost at the card table, pirates, brigands, bloodthirsty bats, and all kinds of strange creatures. And they offer glimpses into the sad and somber moments when the otherwise cheerful Jake feared he might never see his old friends again, or the ship which had been his home. 

This book, the fourth in the series, begins before Rumini becomes a member of the crew of the Queen of the Winds and ends when Jake, after having survived terrible trials and tribulations, is taken back on the ship in Grimburg. Jake encounters many old friends in the course of his travels, and we learn a great deal about his past. His diary is definitely one of the most exciting and entertaining books in the series.


Rumini at Persimmon Coast


The Queen of the Winds is setting sail again, and this journey may well be more full of peril and adventure than all the trips the proud ship has made so far. Rumini and his shipmates set out for the warm waters of the Claret Sea, but they find themselves caught up in a frightful war in which the creatures of the jungle are fighting for survival. The fearless buffins, old friends of Rumini’s pal Jake Polaris, are struggling to help the good bats of Persimmon shore and the unjustly exiled heir to the throne save the land from utter destruction, and the crew of the Queen of the Winds joins them in their fight. They must brave attacks by bloodthirsty bats and vicious sharks in their struggle to save Persimmon Shore from a dim-witted silk monkey king and, worse, a dangerous sorcerer. And as if that weren’t trouble enough, only a few days after they have set sail, marauding pirates steal the Queen of the Winds and leave the crew huddling together on a crowded lifeboat in the middle of the sea.  


Rumini on Ferrick Island (Theatrical play)


Yet again, Rumini has gotten himself into trouble, but this time, he has put the whole crew of the Queen of the Winds in danger. He must risk his own life to save his shipmates and the poor creatures of Ferrick Island from Tinea, the evil butterfly queen. Fortunately, he doesn’t lose his wits, and after a few amusing twists and turns and one or two mistakes and missteps, with the help of the hat of invisibility, the metal-melter, and a princess who is stronger than iron ore itself, he manages to save both himself and the creatures of the island and win back his place on the deck of the Queen of the Winds.  

Rumini on Ferrick Island was originally written for the stage. Since its premier, it has been continuously performed for a full house in one of the largest theaters in Hungary. Now, Rumini fans can read the script of the drama themselves in vibrant English translation.


Rumini at the Shimmering Sea


Dear Reader,


Our story begins as the Queen of the Winds sets sail for Persimmon Shore, and by the time it has come to an end, the ship has long returned from Ferrick Island. Alas, I didn’t have quite enough time to write it all down, the woes that befell the good citizens of Mouseland and the many dangers that the crew of the ship faced on the high seas before they made it home and found that their king had been taken prisoner. They had to keep their wits about them to save not just their own skins but their very homeland.


Fortunately, in their secret messages and letters, the sailors and their friends gave stirring accounts of their trials and triumphs. I’ve gathered these letters together and added a couple maps, newspaper articles, and even some record books kept by the gendarmerie. I invite you to embark on a journey with our old friends to the distant waters of the Shimmering Sea, where new adventures await!


Captain Rumini


Rumini has become the captain of the ship? How? Join him for his newest adventures and find out!

Jake Polaris, desperate to find his kidnapped son and Rosie Cheddar, joins the crew of the Queen of the Winds as they set sail for Grapeshot Sea. The boys are together again, Rumini, Balico, and Jake, but also the surly Tom Tar, the wise Benjamin Whiskers, and the rest. After a fateful mishap at sea, Rumini and Jake vanish, and later the Queen of the Winds is in grave danger when our heroes find themselves up against three scheming scoundrels, Baron Ironbeak, Robbie Razertooth, and a new villain who goes by the name of Viper. Things often seem utterly hopeless, but the boys always find a way out, sometimes thanks to a bit of good luck and sometimes thanks to help given by friends old and new. They travel by land, sea, and air, buffeted by a torrent of unexpected twists and turns as they struggle to save not only their own skins, but all the inhabitants of a forgotten empire. In the dazzling illustrations by Zoltán Nagy, the creatures of this fascinating world come to life, including opal whales, amandina finches, poison dart frogs, and fierce owls with poison dripping from their claws, all of whom will play important roles in our old friends’ new adventures. 


Rumini on Mirror Island


Enough of the adventures! 

When the crew of the Queen of the Winds takes a relaxing dip one afternoon in the turquoise waters of Pearl Lagoon and enjoys a few scoops of ice cream on its sunny shores, they are buoyed by the thought that at last they will have a peaceful journey home. 

But alack for them, in the waters of the lagoon, they happen across quicksilver hydras, seemingly harmless creatures who are all the more dangerous, and soon the crew must throw its plans to the winds and change course entirely. The quicksilver poison gives Rosie the ability to read minds, but as it spreads through her body, it gradually transforms her into silver…

The only antidote to the poison, they learn, lies on distant Mirror Island. But as the crew nears the spot marked on the map, they see not one island, but two. One looks the mirror image of the other, but both are equally dangerous. Which one is real? And where is antidote to be found? 

Our determined heroes won’t give up until all secrets have been brought to light, and they even discover what lies in the dark depths of Mirror Island!


Rumini and the Underwater World


Everyone finally safe and sound at last, and time to set sail, after the many misadventures on Mirror Island, for Mouseland. The crew learns of a shortcut across the unfamiliar waters of Python Sea, where a strong current carries the Queen of the Winds homeward. And they make good time too, until one day a terrible splintering sound echoes across the deck and the ship comes to a sudden stop. Something has torn a gash in her hull, and the wounded vessel is tilting to one side as water gushes into the hold. What will become of the Queen of the Winds? And what will become or Rumini, Rosie, Jake, and the others? Does the sunken world of Megantis really exist? Never have Rumini’s adventures begun with such a heartrending tragedy, but neither have he and his friends ever embarked on a voyage which has had so many surprising twists and turns. Join Rumini and his friends as they face new foes and allies, from corrupt wallaby gendarmes to ruthless mermaid hunters, mermaids, jumping mice, and even deep-sea monsters in their quest to save their castaway friends.

Beginner Readers' Rumini

rumin-seeing glass

(Illustrated by Kornel Ratkai)

– Aim: to support young readers with their first readings.

– Plan: 5 books on five different reading levels.

– Topic: stories from Rumini’s childhood 

Rumini and the Seeing Glass


Rumini was once given a Seeing glass, which always shows what people really think. With this, he could easily see the truth. But what happens, when a gang of rascals takes it from him? 


Rumini's Treasures

MÉO_borito másolat.jpg

In this part Rumini tells us about his childhood, his lost parents, and how he was raised by his grandpa. He even took part in a very exciting treasure hunt. 

Rumini and the Five Feathers


Rumini and his best friend get into trouble again. In the middle of the jungle they have to face a barbaric tribe and their "god", who is believed to eat up all the sacrifice offered to him. 

Rumini on Condor Island


Rumini and his father were once captivated by pirates and locked up in the castle of Condor Island. The story is about their adventure and witty escape from trouble. 

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