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Rumini - Theatrical Plays

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Rumini – The Adventure Begins

1 act, play time: 65 minutes
Directed by Zoltan Fodor


The dance performance of Inversedance (Zoltan Fodor Company) is a fabulous dance show with fantastic costumes, vivid background animation and funny narration. The performance introduces the tale of Rumini – The Adventure begins.


Rumini on Ferrick Island

The drama was first performed at Pesti Magyar Theater in 2011.
2 acts, play time: 2 hours
Directed by László Méhes

Yet again, Rumini has gotten himself into trouble, but this time, he has put the whole crew of the Queen of the Winds in danger. He must risk his own life to save his shipmates and the poor creatures of Ferrick Island from Tinea, the evil butterfly queen. Fortunately, he doesn’t lose his wits, and after a few amusing twists and turns and one or two mistakes and missteps, with the help of the hat of invisibility, the metal-melter, and a princess who is stronger than iron ore itself, he manages to save both himself and the creatures of the island and win back his place on the deck of the Queen of the Winds.  

Fotók: Magyar Színház

Rumini and the Fours Sceptres

2 Acts, play time 95 minutes
Directed by Andrea Székely

The Puppet theatre show of the Veszprém Kabóca Puppet Theatre Company is a great adaptation of Rumini 3. The show and its beautiful puppets and scenery create an artistic, yet entertaining performance. 

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